AEA Stereo Protractor
AEA Stereo Protractor

Stereo Protractor, Otro Accesorio para Micrófono from AEA.

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moosers 25/02/2011

AEA Stereo Protractor : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The AEA Stereo Protractor is a device for setting up two microphones in an XY position or something closely similar. It's 6 inches in length and has two mounts for two separate microphones. It has degrees labeled right on it so you can see at what angle your microphones are facing, which is definitely nice. The AEA Stereo Protractor is really only useful in the studio and can be used to mount just about any microphones, although it's only so big and is therefore best suited for small diaphragm condenser mics. The Stereo Protractor doesn't come as an accessory for any AEA microphones that I'm aware of...


The AEA Stereo Protractor is really a great tool to have around the studio. Some stereo sets of microphones will come with something similar, but this is probably the best of it's kind that I've used as it's super straight forward and easy to set up. I recently used it with a set of Neumann KM184 small diaphragm condenser microphones, which I had set up in an XY pattern. The XY pattern is really what this is best for, but you can certainly alter it a bit, although XY is probably the best place to start when using this. Having said this, you can of course set it up in any fashion that you'd like as the mounts are fully rotatable. The studio I work at has this on hand and it does get used a lot for XY positioning as it makes it so much easier when compared to setting up the mics on two separate stands. If you're at all working with XY positioning, I'd say it's definitely worth it to pick up an AEA Stereo Protractor as it's the best of it's kind that I've used or seen to date...