AKG SA 18/3 B
AKG SA 18/3 B
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moosers 10/01/2011

AKG SA 18/3 B : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The AKG SA 18/3 B is a microphone clip that can be used for a variety of microphones. I don't think that AKG is making these anymore, nor am I sure if they were ever available for individual purchase. However, the professional studio that I work at has two AKG 414's and each of them have one of these clips. As you can tell from the picture, it's not your typical and average mic clip, as there are two layers to it. The mic clip portion itself has 23 mm diameter, which is just under an inch. This is important as it doesn't fit traditional sized microphones, only ones with a smaller base like the 414. It will work with other microphones of other brands, but I've only used it for the 414 since they're basically attached to them at the studio where I'm using them.


There's not too much that sets the AKG SA 18/3 B apart, although it is somewhat of a unique microphone clip. It's not a clip really worth seeking out if it doesn't come with a mic you have, but it more helpful to have around than a traditional clip as it has two working parts to help you place it more specifically. It has two knobs for moving the two sections of it independently, which is great if you're using overhead mics. Most recently I used these clips with two AKG 414's as room microphones, and the clips came in quite handy as it made it as easy as possible to tilt the microphones down with facing the ground completely. I don't know specifically what other microphones you'd want to use the AKG SA 18/3 B clips with, but the 414's seem to be the most logical choice. These are very nice mic clips and are great if you want something with a bit more control than what your average clip will give you...