Schecter Hellraiser-5
Schecter Hellraiser-5

Hellraiser-5, 5+ string bass guitar from Schecter in the Hellraiser series.

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UncleDaddy 24/08/2008

Schecter Hellraiser-5 : la opinión de UncleDaddy (content in English)


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-The construction and scale Neck-Thru / 35”

-The body is Mahogany w/ Figured Maple with a rosewood fretboard with 24 jumbo frets and Black Pearl gothic Cross fret markers.

-The Pick-ups are EMG HZ's.

-The electronics are active 18-Volt 2-band EQ (w/selectable treble frequencies)

-Black Chrome hardware and Schecter tuners

USA RETAIL PRICE: About a grand and worth every freakin penny!!!


Most guitarists and bass players spend the vast majority of their lives searching for "their" tone. The one sound, they feel is definitive of them as a musician. This was the end all in bass guitars for me. I will not own another bass.

The string through body design allows you to feel a certain aspect of the guitar that a bolt-on design absolutely cannot compare to. You can almost feel it in your hands, when it's dead on in tune and where you want it. Mahogany, for anyone who doesn't know wood types, can take alot of abuse, and gives most guitars a darker warmer sound and tonal quality. I have dropped mine taking it off and hit the ceiling in studio with no real visible damage, and let me say for the record, I am hell on my gear. The black cherry color hides most of the abuses highlighted by other colors, (ie: pick scratches, sweat streaks from live performances, and the occasional nick and ding).

The Gothic cross inlays and Mother of Pearl binding really set it off and apart from any other bass out there. I have never gotten the compliments on any other bass I own, like I have with this one. It has not let me down in all the 25 live performances I've put it through, and it's a joy to record with. The active 18 volt electronics on the EMG HZ's gives it a distinctive and controllable growl that no other bass, I've ever played, could touch. The only downside to the intense power and sensitivity with the active pick ups is that it can be a little troublesome to tune on stage with all the other electrical periphals being wide open, like lights, monitors, mics, etc. It will pick up the excess energy field and translate it to your tuner.

To solve the problem, I have to make sure to tune it ahead of time, or face my amp/rack only and stand as close as possible to it. Plus, you need to keep 2 spare 9-volts on hand. It does take two. Hence the " 18 " volt. It doesn't drain them quickly, but once you realize they're low they're as good as dead. I would highly reccommend this bass guitar to anyone looking to upgrade to a pro level instrument.


It fits with any punk, metal, nu-metal, Death or Black metal, and any and all rock applications. I use mine naked with an SWR 350x head on a Henry 8x8. I have used it before with a Hartke rig too, and it was just as awesome. The only thing I'm looking to add now is an Ampeg Overdrive pedal.


I would absolutely hands down, buy this bass again if something happened to mine. I've even considered buying a spare as a back up regardless of the $1000 price tag.