Mogami Pure Patch TT to TT
Mogami Pure Patch TT to TT

Pure Patch TT to TT, Otro Cable/Conector from Mogami.

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moosers 09/12/2010

Mogami Pure Patch TT to TT : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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Mogami's Pure Patch TT to TT cables are undoubtedly the best TT patch cables you can get. Mogami has a reputation for crafting some of the finest cables out there, and it's certainly not unwarranted. These are incredibly sturdy cables that are of course ideal for use with a TT patch bay. The studio that I work at has a number of different rooms, all with TT based patch bays and all of them have these Pure Patch TT to TT cables. We must have 200 of these throughout the studio and I can't that I ever experienced a broken one. They feel sturdy in your hands when you're patching them and will send the most secure connection possible from one place to another on your patch bay. They come in a variety of colors which end up being helpful to me as I can color code certain patches that I'm making if necessary or complex enough. The cables also come with a lifetime warranty, which isn't surprising considering that they most likely will not break within your lifetime! Mogami does offer a few different types of TT to TT patch cables, but these are the ones I'm most familiar with using since we have them in all of our studios. As far as price goes, I'm not sure how they are sold in terms of if you buy them in packs or individually as I haven't purchased them myself since I don't have a need in my home studio. I'm sure you can find cheaper TT to TT cables, but it's so important to have a solid connection in your patch bay that this isn't a place you want to try to skate by on and try to save a little bit of money. It's absolutely worth every penny to pick up Mogami Pure Patch TT to TT cables as they'll last forever and are simply some of, if not the best you can buy!