Planet Waves 1/4
Planet Waves 1/4" Elastic Cable Ties

1/4" Elastic Cable Ties, Otro Cable/Conector from Planet Waves.

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moosers 26/05/2010

Planet Waves 1/4" Elastic Cable Ties : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Planet Waves 1/4" Elastic Cable Ties are simple little accessories for your instrument or microphone cables that attach to your cables and allows you to hold it together once it's wrapped up and ready to be put away. The elastic band is easily adjustable to hold the cable in place, making it easy to put on your cable rack without having it fall apart. I've got a whole bunch of these on most of my cables now, whether it be for 1/4" cables, mic cables, or even smaller RCA cables and other cables of the sort. They will pretty much work for any cable, although these ones are specifically designed to attach to a cable as thick as a standard 1/4" instrument cable is, and I'm not sure if they make any others for other sized cables, but I don't believe that they do. While some people may prefer to tie their cables up manually, but these are cheap and easy enough to use for me that I don't mind having them around. It definitely helps me to keep the cables I have more organized and I like them a lot better than a simple piece of Velcro that I've seen a lot of cables wrapped up with in my day. There really isn't any risk in picking up some of these, as I believe a ten pack can be had for under $10 USD. In fact, I think that some Planet Waves cables may even come with one of these, but I don't know this for sure. I guess that these aren't necessary to have for every studio, as everyone prefers different things, but if you feel that you might benefit from some handy cable ties, definitely go ahead and pick yourself up a pack of these ones made by the always reliable Planet Waves.