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Zvex Machine
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wwhhhaatt 23/06/2011

Zvex Machine : la opinión de wwhhhaatt (content in English)

"Like a chainsaw to your sound"

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In typical ZVEX fashion you get a simple analog box that creates wild sounds.

1/4" input and output, 9v dc jack and three knobs.

Input level, output level, and limit which changes how your sound is destroyed


This is about as simple as it gets for a pedal. Plug in like you would any other pedal, get your power whether it's a battery or power supply, twist some knobs and go.

The manual is pretty short but descriptive enough to let you know what's going on. From there it's up to you to figure out how it reacts to your set up.


I use this in guitar set up but have had success with a number of applications from synths to drum machines.

Sound quality is an odd thing to comment on with this pedal. It sounds bad in the best way possible and the Zvex description of "It's primary purpose is to cut through. But like a wild man with a machete, it is not nice." is pretty much spot on. It sounds like a harsh jagged distortion just jumping out and killing whatever sound you had going. You can place any number of distortion, fuzz, or any other pedals after this thing and once you kick it on you will know it's there. And so will your audience. I am a huge Nails fan and after owning this pedal I can finally get some of Trent's nasty distortion sounds.

If I could change anything about it I would add a tone control to tame it just a bit occasionally which would make it useable for a wider variety of people.


This is probably a love or hate pedal as I don't think the sound is something you can be neutral about. If you like to lay down some old fashioned blues then this probably isn't for you and there are a million other distortion and fuzz boxes to get a normal sound out of. The price is a bit steep but I like to support people who step out of the norm and just go with what they want to do. This is not a normal distortion and as far as I know there is nothing else like it.