Frostwave Sonic Alienator
Frostwave Sonic Alienator

Sonic Alienator, Otro Efecto Estudio from Frostwave.

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moosers 24/02/2011

Frostwave Sonic Alienator : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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Frostwave's Sonic Alienator is a really unique pedal that can be used with any electric instrument. I've only used it on electric guitar but it's definitely more versatile than just for this. The pedal is simple in it's make up, with 1/4" connections for input and output and requiring power from a nine volt power supply. It's not rack mountable as it's in stomp box form.


The make up of the Frostwave Sonic Alienator isn't too hard to figure out, but it's definitely a unique configuration due to the nature of the pedal. It gives you knobs for input drive, output level, sample rate, cutoff frequency, and resonance. It also has a button for setting the orientation to be pre or post routed. Lastly, the main parameter is for setting the amount of decimation that you'd like. The manual might be helpful for explaining these parameters, but I believe using it a bit will achieve the same effect.


The Frostwave Sonic Alienator can definitely make your instrument sound unlike anything it's ever sounded like before. Nowadays it's easy enough to use a synthesizer to get similar, lo-fi kind of sounds, but there's not much out there like this that will transform your instrument to make crazy sounds as found here. It's best described as a lo-fi distortion box, but really needs to be heard to be understood. Definitely not a pedal for everyone, but those who will use it will love it.


The Frostwave Sonic Alienator is a really fun pedal to mess around with! It's definitely not a necessity for anyone's pedal board, but will always bring something to the table for sure. It's not something that I'd need to personally have on my pedal board, but in the studio it's an awesome tool to have around for all different types of purposes. If you're into lo-fi sounds I'd highly recommend checking out the Sonic Alienator!