Studio Electronics C2S

C2S, Otro Efecto Estudio from Studio Electronics.

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moosers 20/12/2009

Studio Electronics C2S : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Studio Electronics C2S is a dual channel compressor in the form of a rack mountable piece of outboard gear.  It is an analog piece of gear that I believe has both XLR and 1/4 inch connections, but I'm not entirely sure as the one that I have used was already set up in a rack before I starting using it.  It will only take up a single space in a traditional rack mount.


The configuration of Studio Electronics C2S is straight ahead as there isn't anything out of the ordinary going on here.  Each of the two channels has parameters for input, ratio, attack, release, output, and a bypass switch.  Each also has metering for both output and gain reduction.  In between the two channels there is also a switch to link the two channels if you want to use this as a stereo pair.  Since there isn't anything hard to understand on here, I don't believe that a manual is necessary.


In my opinion, the Studio Electronics C2S compressor is overall very good sounding.  While it isn't my favorite sounding stereo compressor out there as there are tons and tons to choose from, it has a more than respectable sound that can be used in a variety of situations.  It is supposedly modeled after an 1176, but it doesn't look too much like one, although it definitely does have a similar type of sound.  I have used this mostly for compressing drums and other types of stereo couplings, but I think that it would be useful for pretty much any situation where you would want to use compression.


While the Studio Electronics C2S is probably a bit overpriced as I don't think the price tag matches the overall sound, that doesn't take away from the overall great sound quality.  These clean compressors will work for just about any application in terms of recording and beyond the price there isn't anything negative that I can really say about the C2S.  If you are a professional engineer or studio owner, the Studio Electronics C2S is definitely a piece of gear that you will want to know about.