Boutique Audio Neve 2 Module Rack
Boutique Audio Neve 2 Module Rack

Neve 2 Module Rack, Otro Estuche from Boutique Audio.

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moosers 30/03/2010

Boutique Audio Neve 2 Module Rack : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Boutique Audio Neve 2 Module Rack is a casing that holds two Neve channel strips from a console. You can't just take a Neve module out of the home that powers it up without putting it in a new one. This is exactly what this is for, and it comes in a number of different shapes and sizes for different types of Neve modules. The casing that I used had two Neve 1081's inside of it, but you can get a 2 Module Rack for just about any Neve module from any board if I'm not mistaken. Either way, Boutique Audio also offers up custom racks, so you have something that you need racked, they are a place to check out in the general. As far as characteristics go, this casing will take up three spaces in a traditional rack space and has handles on the sides of it to easily lift it in and out of your rack. It also gives you an extra level knob for each of your modules to control your overall output level easily and quickly. In general, the Boutique Audio Neve 2 Module Rack is a very well designed casing that makes it easy and convenient to take Neve 1081 (or whatever else you might have) modules and use them as a piece of outboard gear. I think that more and more you will be seeing Neve modules in racks like this one, as more and more Neve consoles get older and/or disassembled from the big studios. The price of the Boutique Audio Neve 2 Module Rack isn't very cheap, but this will be what you have to expect when you are dealing with unique rack casing for high end modules like the Neve 1081. If you're already spending the money on the modules themselves, buying this is going to feel like chump change anyway!