CAD U37 Studio Recording Mic
CAD U37 Studio Recording Mic

U37 Studio Recording Mic, Otro Micrófono from CAD.

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moosers 06/09/2009

CAD U37 Studio Recording Mic : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The CAD U37 Studio Recording Mic is a USB based microphone.  Like the name states, the mic is best used in the recording studio and of course not for live shows.  The microphone is a large diaphragm condenser and has a cardioid pick up pattern.


I've only used the CAD U37 Studio Recording Mic once or twice, but I think I got a pretty good feel of what this microphone is capable of doing and not doing.  while this microphone is incredibly cheap, it definitely feels cheap and isn't the best sounding microphone in the world.  This being said, it all depends on what you are trying to do with this microphone.  I would think that most people who own or are looking into owning the CAD U37 probably are using it in their home studio for small projects as the USB feature comes in handy for those who don't have an audio interface.  This is a great feature but is limited because you can only record one track at a time really, making this microphone best for podcasting and vocal overdubs or single instrument overdubs.  It does have some cool features including a -10 db pad and a high pass filter.  Like I said, the sound quality isn't the best by a long shot, but it doesn't sound all that bad and will definitely work for those who are recording demos or speech.  The best part about the CAD U37 Studio Recording Mic is of course the price as this is just about as cheap as you can get any microphone out there.  So if you are looking for a mic that you don't need an audio interface for to use for demos and getting ideas down, this is a great mic, but it definitely doesn't work as well for anything other than that sort of use.