iZotope Ozone 4
iZotope Ozone 4

Ozone 4, Otro paquete de efectos y multiefectos from iZotope in the Ozone series.

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songboy 31/05/2011

iZotope Ozone 4 : la opinión de songboy (content in English)

"Pretty sweet all in one"

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I use this in Logic 9 and I have had no problems whatsoever. The manual and the other documents about mastering in general and with this plugin that Izotope provided were very clear and helpful. They also released a few videos on the web that are even more helpful.
The general configuration is fairly complicated. You have several devices setup in a chain that all control different aspects of the mastering process. Each device gets it's own window and all of the controls for each device are accessed that way. Overall, there are a lot of "knobs," "sliders" and parameters in general to be very intimidating but a solid workflow is attainable with practice.
The plugin is set up well so most of the functions are easily accessed through the device selector window.


I run this on a Macbook Pro i7 core, with a Fireface 800 mainly in Logic 9 but I do use it in Ableton 8 occasionally too. It functions perfectly in both software and uses less CPU than I would have thought.

So far I have never had a crash that I could attribute to this plugin. No glitches or sound artifacts either. I give this unit a 10 out of 10 because my personal mastering ability has increased ten fold since owning this unit.
I have been using this for two months now and I find it much better than the built in mastering units in Logic 9.


What I like most about this unit is the device chain window. It displays all the devices used in mastering (Limiter, compressor, reverb, etc....) in a chain showing the audio flow. The great thing about this window is you can quickly and easily swap the order of the devices. This gives you some really interesting A/B results that can inspire some cool, interesting masters (like running the reverb into a tight compressor and then switching those two to change the whole feel of the song).
The only complaint I have is that the color and the plethora of parameters makes the unit a little harder to read, and I can't seem to stretch the window of the plugin like I can with the built in plugins in Logic.
The price was around $200. This plugin is quite a powerhouse so I think that is a pretty fair price.
I give is a 10 out of 10 for precision and quality of sound for Digital Plugin Mastering. It isn't nearly the quality of a high end analog mastering suite, but in the digital realm, it is pretty sweet. I used the built in Logic plugs and also worked in a studio using TRacks. I know its better than logic and at least at the same level as TRacks but I haven't had enough experience with that one yet.
Yes, I would definitely make the same choice again. Good bang for the Buck.