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Hatsubai 02/07/2011

iZotope Spectron : la opinión de Hatsubai (content in English)

"Interesting spectral manipulation program"

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iZotope's Spectron is an application for some crazy manipulation of audio using spectral nodes and other things like that. It has a bunch of built-in effects such as delay, pan, morph and a couple others. Basically, the way this program works is that you have an audio file that you import into the application. You then drag these different nodes around the audio file and adjust different things such as only adding delay to the top end, panning one small part of a drum kit back and forth and a bunch of other things like that. The program is stand alone, so it works like any other stand alone application out there. I never experienced any compatibility issues, so no problems there. I never read the manual, but you shouldn't really need to. If you're super curious, there are some videos on the iZotope webpage regarding this application.


This is one of the few perfect applications out there. For one, this is a 64 bit program. Yes, somebody finally made a fully 64 bit audio application finally. No longer do you need the OS to gimp itself to run this application. The program itself is cross platform, too. That means that anybody on OS X or Windows can use this without any problem. It even work with 32 bit OSes, so just about anybody can use this thing. It doesn't take up too much memory when using it, but it has a high ceiling anyway, so it doesn't matter how much it takes up for the most part. It wasn't too heavy on the processor, so no issues there, either. I've been using this for a few months so I might not be the number one expert on this program.


There are some cool features in this application that can work nicely for certain genres, but I never really found myself using this too much. I have no real reason to start panning certain parts of a drum kit at certain points in a song. If I wanted to add delay to a track, I'd do it via my DAW with my favorite delay application. Basically, this program wasn't really for me. That's not to say it's bad, however. The program itself is laid out nicely and easy to use. I can't really complain about anything except that my style of music didn't really fit what this application was meant for.