Scarbee Vintage Keyboard FX
Scarbee Vintage Keyboard FX

Vintage Keyboard FX, Otro paquete de efectos y multiefectos from Scarbee.

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songboy 19/03/2010

Scarbee Vintage Keyboard FX : la opinión de songboy (content in English)


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I run this program on a macbook and there are no compatibility problems so far. I have had no need for a manual with this plugin, its very very simple and easy to use. Yes, the general configuration and setup is very simple with this plugin. Its simply a virtual rack with 8 half rack units and a main control full rack. Yes, all the functions are very easily accessed. They are all right in front of you and the VKFX is a very simple, very clean interface.


I run this mainly in Ableton Live 8 for use in performance situations. It does have one funny little problem. If I minimize Ableton 8 when VKFX is open, when I expand it again, the interface goes blank. I have to close it, then reopen it to get it back. That's the only problem I have noticed so far. Other than that, the plugin has never crashed or lost any presets I have made. I still give it a solid 10. It works great besides the one little bug and is a very easy plugin to use, which I love. I have been using VKFX for about 3 weeks.


I like a few things about this unit. First off, it sounds very good. I run my Real Rhodes Stage piano into two channels: straight into some nice boutique effects into a Twin Reverb and one going into Ableton (looping) and back out into the same Twin. When I A/B the real effects versus this plugin, I do notice a difference, but, the difference is not as big as you would think. I do notice its a little muddier on the Computer side (not in a warm way, more of a mushy way), but with a little EQ, the resemblance is pretty impressive and in a live situation, almost unnoticeable. I also really love the simplicity of the interface. For live use, using a convoluted interface can be risky. This one is easy to read and control. One other note, I love how you simply grab a 1/2 rack with your mouse and drag it some where different in the effects chain. Nothing I don't like about this guy. I paid around $200 for this plugin and its worth it for live use. The precision and quality is very good for computer based audio. I have used lots of different effects plugins and this one is high on the list. Yes, I would definitely buy this again.