Waves Vocal Bundle Native
Waves Vocal Bundle Native

Vocal Bundle Native, Otro paquete de efectos y multiefectos from Waves.

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stompboxjon 13/01/2013

Waves Vocal Bundle Native : la opinión de stompboxjon (content in English)

"All your vocal and guitar needs"

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I love every single plug in that Waves comes out with. I have just about all of them and use them frequently. The Vocal Native bundle is comes with a plug ins that can really get your vocals to top quality by just adding one of the plug ins to your effects rack. The DeEsser is very good at getting rid of the unwanted sounds that come with recording vocals. I use this plug in a lot and almost every time I load up Pro Tools. Pro Tools as some plug ins that came with it that can do the same thing but it requires more effort to use them. The DeEsser by Waves will do most of the work for you just by using presets and not having to do too much tweaking. It saves me so much time on vocals just by using the presets they already have loaded up.


Installing this software does not take a long time, but it is not quick because you are installing all of the plug ins that come with the Vocal Native Bundle, which there are 6 of them. It runs great on my Mac running version 10.5 and even on my Macbook running Mountain Lion.


Renaissance Axx is another great plug in that is perfect to be used with my guitar; it has the perfect kind of compressors to add to guitar racks. I have used other guitar plug ins as well but none of them can do what this plug in can do. The only change I would make with it is to have a bigger selection of effect types or more effect presets. It does require you to do a little more work on your own over a guitar plug in like Guitar Rig. All of these plug ins are easy to use and they do not use a lot of your CPU. CPU is something that can get chewed up quickly especially when working with Pro Tools because it by itself will eat your CPU.