MIT Cables AVT3
MIT Cables AVT3

AVT3, Otro Producto de Hi-Fi from MIT Cables.

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mooseherman 25/06/2010

MIT Cables AVT3 : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)

"Super-High Quality A/V Cable"

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These are certainly the most expensive cable I have ever encountered personally. I was really hoping that these cables would be all hype, with no actual real world application. However the studio where I currently work did a "showdown" between this and monster cable. We tested it on these cables in particular, with a pretty good HD TV. I couldn't believe the difference in clarity in both picture and audio that came from the DVD player after using this cable. I was amazed at the difference this made.
I think that if you are using Blu-Ray, and have a really high-end TV with optimal resolution, you owe it to yourself to use these cables. I know that they are expensive but they are more than just cables. These cables have audio interfaces installed in them. That means that they are not only transmitting the signal, but they are enhancing and preserving it entirely, which is far beyond what a normal cable does. A normal cable actually loses signal, regardless of quality.
I think that as good as these cables are, they probably are only worth it if the rest of your gear is up to snuff. For instance, if you have a regular DVD player and a non-Hi Def TV, then this probably isn't going to do much to improve your signal for either video or audio. On the other hand, if you have a home theater setup, then this could really do a lot for you.