Tom Evans The groove
Tom Evans The groove

The groove, Otro Producto de Hi-Fi from Tom Evans.

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Pucelle_Dabidjan 17/06/2014

Tom Evans The groove : la opinión de Pucelle_Dabidjan (content in English)

"Faulty designed gear that can lead to a fire in your house"

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I'm the owner of a Tom Evans the groove phono pre-amp and had serveral issues with.

I received it and it didn't started, I had no tone. I asked for a repair, that was done 6 months later.

I received the repaired pre-amp, and was happy. Sound is really good and really was an awesome step forward in the way I was listening music. Works well with my clearaudio cartidge (works only for MC designs).

Important fact, he needs internal changing of some elements for beeing adapted to your cartidges. When you compare with some actual designs, its lacking of flexibility.

But after 4 months of use, I was listening some music, and my girlfriend came in the room shouting "THE SMOOOOKE", as I turned, I saw a cloudy smoke haze in my livingroom. We immediately putted the gear out of use and, this time, sended it back to Tom Evans directly. But, after 4 mounths, it's always not possible for them to fix it.

Faulty design at it's best.

Dont' buy this googooss !