Jeskola Jeskola BUZZ Tracker
Jeskola Jeskola BUZZ Tracker

Jeskola BUZZ Tracker, Otro Programa de Música from Jeskola.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Jeskola Jeskola BUZZ Tracker : la opinión de FP User (content in English)


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Buzz is a unique program, like having a live studio, buzz requires you to connect your synths and fx to the master control (like an amp for example) at first i was skeptic it seemed quite hard to pick up but after a few days it became one of my best friends, and with the ever growing amount of buzzmachines(buzz symths and fx) nobody should miss out on this considering its free, thats right i said free

Price paid


it only took me a few days to get the basics of buzz and thats enough to start a track, its been a few months i've been using buzz and its quite easy to work after 2 weeks of learning buzz you should have no problems


Sound quality i find depends on the machine your using , some machines give great sound while others crackle and hiss, could be a bit better quality overall but with a wave editing program you can fix that up easily

don't know anybody who would bring a computer to a live show so i don't know exactly how to rate this, but its possible to do so anyway it all depends on you


I love this thing because once you learn buzz you will know alot about creating a live studio in the future because of its modular interface, plus with the countless buzzmachines and fx you can download i can't believe its free

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