Hollow Sun TriOsc
Hollow Sun TriOsc

TriOsc, Otro Sintetizador Virtual from Hollow Sun.

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AlanForPresident 10/09/2012

Hollow Sun TriOsc : la opinión de AlanForPresident (content in English)

"Does not cost much, but helped me alot"

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Hollow Sun TriOsc is a 3 Oscillator synth with FM and AM modulation. Though it does only have a small list of effects that include Distortion, Chorus , Phaser, and a few different echo’s, it is still a powerful VST. The price of the Hollow Sun TriOsc is very low, I think it only cost about 10 dollars or something like that when it first came out and you can pay with pay pal or your bank card and get a download link right away. There is no manual for it which I didn’t like because it was a bit confusing at first because the interface is a little different than what I was use to at the time. The interface is very easy to understand and looks like most of the Kontakt instruments interfaces. There are three different menu’s that you can click on that will bring up a different interface, you have the “control panel”, the”Effects” and “Info” panels.


The TriOsc works great and has never gave me a single issue. I have just started using it and got it because it was really inexpensive and it also models after a really older unit that I was curios about.


The best part of TriOsc for me is I can sculpt some pretty good leads with it and get some really heavy and thick baselines as well. I seem to get better every time I use the TriOsc VST at making and molding my own sounds out of it. It has really brought a better understanding for me on how to properly use Oscillators. Before I started using TriOsc I would just mess with the Oscillators until I was happy with what it would sound like, now that I have been using the TriOsc I am starting to understand the right way to program sounds. I am very happy with it.