Tone2 Gladiator 2
Tone2 Gladiator 2

Gladiator 2, Otro Sintetizador Virtual from Tone2.

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AlanForPresident 06/06/2012

Tone2 Gladiator 2 : la opinión de AlanForPresident (content in English)

"spacey "

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Gladiator is a pretty cool plug in that comes with a lot of sounds and presets that you an use and manipulate to sound different each time that you use them. Setting it up was really easy and takes no effort at all the use or to really understand. But if you want to really change how some of the presets sound it will take some time for you to really understand the full functions of the plug in.


Works great, I havent had a issue with it and it hasn’t froze or crashed. I have run it on a vista 32 bit and a windows xp computer. My friend runs it on a windows 7 and he doesn’t have issues with it either. Its pretty universal .


The sounds are good, depending on what type of music you make and what kind of sounds you are looking for. Don’t expect to get some good strings and brass with Gladiator though. Or any authentic sounds for that matter, all of the sounds are really spacey and synthy and eerie . Most of the sounds are too clean either, most of them have a lot of distortion or are really ambient and need to have some of the frequencies pushed back or removed with can all be done by using some EQ and removing what ever you don’t like.

I was very happy when I first purchased Gladiator but now I just hardly ever used it because I have used most of the good sounds that I like and I get tired of using EQ on all of the sounds to get some of the fuzzes and muddy frequencies out, even in the leads there are a lot of synths that have really high frequencies that will almost hurt your ears if you don’t cut them out