Tone2 Gladiator 2
Tone2 Gladiator 2

Gladiator 2, Otro Sintetizador Virtual from Tone2.

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songboy 16/03/2010

Tone2 Gladiator 2 : la opinión de songboy (content in English)


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I have had no compatibility issues with this plugin. I run it on a Macbook with Presonus interfaces and it seems to work great. I have not needed to reference the manual as it is very similar to most other virtual synths. The general configuration is fairly simple. There are a lot of options on this synth but they are almost all right in front of you and easily accessed.


I run this synth in both Logic 9 and Ableton 8 and it works great. It doesn't hog much CPU power and sounds rich and full. So far the plugin has never crashed or lost any presets, very stable. The plugin functions well in my host programs and responds well to all midi messages and controls so I give it a 10 out of 10 for performance.
I have been using this synth for about 3 months.


What I like most about this synth is actually the thing I dislike most about it. This is primarily a synth for techno/dance musicians in my opinion. With that said, I love it when I am in the mood to write that kind of music. It is capable of making some extremely rich pads and crazy arpeggios as well as some good bass lines. When I am not writing dance music, I almost never touch this synth. The sounds lean so much to that genre that I sometimes wish I didn't get it (I write so little in that style). I paid $200 for this plugin. Its worth every penny if you primarily write in the techno/dance style. If you don't, they are far more versatile synths out there and I would suggest passing this one up. I have used many synths over the years and this is a great synth if you need a specific sound. I would not buy this again only because I don't use it that much.