Zero-G Nostalgia
Zero-G Nostalgia

Nostalgia, Otro Sintetizador Virtual from Zero-G.

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songboy 18/11/2009

Zero-G Nostalgia : la opinión de songboy (content in English)


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I have a Intel based Macbook.  This program installed and functions without any problems.  One thing I should mention though is that I have to use Kontakt 2 to house this plugin to use it in Logic 9.  For some reason, it doesn't show up as its own unit. 
The manual is clear enough and explains how to use the device properly.  There are a lot of options on this guy so its worth the read.
This is not a very simple device so I would say overall it is not simple setup.  Its not crazy hard but it takes a little to get used to and feel comfortable using.
No, I would say the typical functions are not very accessible at first, you need to familiarize yourself with the unit a bit before you can feel strong on it.  There are a ton of patches on this guy though (1.3gb library) so it will be a long journey but  a fun one.


As a standalone unit it works without any hassle.  As a plugin in my DAW, you have to use Kontakt to play it.  Not a big deal really, just a slight inconvenience. 
Yes, the gear is stable.  No crashes and no audio problems. 
I think this thing is fantastic.  It responds well to my midi controllers and houses tons of awesome vintage patches.  I give it a 10 out of 10.
I have been using it for about a year.


What I like most about this unit is the excellent patches.  There are hundreds of quality sounds gathered from hundreds of synths throughout the relatively short history of the synthesizer including polyphonic and monophonic synths as well as some top notch drum machines.   I find myself finding a sweet patch, then googling to find out info about the real synth the sound came from. 
I think I paid around $150 bucks on this guy and I say its worth every penny.  So many fun sounds.
Sound quality is great, although I have never heard most of the real versions of the instruments that it is reproducing, I find them to be sonically strong and well created.
I have many software synths that are reproductions of a real instrument, but those are all based on just one instrument at a time.  This is the first plugin that is dedicated to reproducing a vast array of vintage instruments, so I guess I have to say no, this is the first one I have tried.
I would definitely make the same choice again.  Even if it only had the drum machines that are included.  There are just too many fantastic sounds to pass on this synth.