Barber Direct Drive SS
Barber Direct Drive SS

Direct Drive SS, Overdrive pedal from Barber.

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LordRiffenstein 01/04/2011

Barber Direct Drive SS : la opinión de LordRiffenstein (content in English)

"Versatile OD, great range of tones"

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The Barber DDSS or Direct Drive Super Sport was a limited edition version of the Direct Drive. It has a bunch of extra controls inside and a wider range of tones available.

It is annoying that you have to open the box to get to the extra controls BUT it is highly worth it because you can really tailor the tone of the pedal. The only other OD that comes close to the versatility of the DDSS is the Okko Diablo and that one has most of it's controls on the outside.


You need to take your time to learn this pedal because the internal controls have an impact on the tone control. The manual has a couple of suggested settings and they are useful because you can learn how the different controls work. You can run it at 18v which also changes the tone and response of the pedal. It looks straight forward but there's a lot going on. But that makes it also so much fun.


Excellent sounding pedal, wide range of usable tones, you can get anything from a good boost to a big fat crunch sound out of it. Because of the amount of control you have, you can really tweak the pedal to fit your needs. I owned 3 Barber pedals at the time I had this one: the DDSS, LTD and Tone Press. These 3 pedals and their combination could get you pretty much any tone you want, the exception being cookie-monster-metal stuff.


Although I no longer own the pedal, i cannot praise it enough. My house is a revolving door for OD-pedals so at one point I sold it but I always wanted one back. They are available again and although it is close to the Okko Diablo that I own and love, I might get another DDSS!