DigiTech Crossroads Eric Clapton
DigiTech Crossroads Eric Clapton

Crossroads Eric Clapton, Overdrive pedal from DigiTech in the Artist series.

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moosers 21/05/2009

DigiTech Crossroads Eric Clapton : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The DigiTech Eric Clapton Crossroads is a guitar effects pedal designed after tones played and heard from Clapton throughout the years. It has a 1/4 inch input as well as two 1/4 inch outputs and isn't a rackable effect.


Using the DigiTech Eric Clapton Crossroads pedal isn't too hard at all as it just has a few parameters. It has knobs for level, control one, control two, and model. Each of the controls vary on what they do depending on which mode you are using. There are seven different models in all and each is modeled after a classic Clapton tone from all of his biggest hits. The manual for this pedal is almost a must have because it contains the information on what each of the controls will do for each model and what each model is attempting to emulate.


The sounds on the DigiTech Eric Clapton Crossroads are pretty impressive for the most part, but I don't believe this pedal does all that great of a job of modeling all of Clapton's tone when compared to some of the other pedals in the DigiTech Artist Series. I do like all of the sounds on this pedal and it is definitely a blast to play around with, but I was impressed more with the Hendrix and Brian May models than this one.


I've been using the DigiTech Eric Clapton Crossroads guitar pedal for around a year or so and I've decided that while I definitely like using this pedal, I don't think I would recommend it to anyone other than the biggest of Clapton fans. The sounds are pretty cool but I think the people who will get the most from it are true Clapton fans. The price is very reasonable and that is the main reason I took a chance on this pedal. If you're a big Clapton fan, this pedal is a must try, otherwise you can take it or leave it.