Fulltone OCD V1.1
Fulltone OCD V1.1

OCD V1.1, Overdrive pedal from Fulltone.

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LordRiffenstein 17/03/2011

Fulltone OCD V1.1 : la opinión de LordRiffenstein (content in English)

"Great, versatile pedal"

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The Fulltone OCD is a pedal of many faces, not just because of the different versions that are available but also because of the different tones you can get from it. Furthermore, it reacts differently depending on your guitars and amps. This is a pedal that you have to try with your own setups, it won't work with everything out there but if it does fit your setup, you are in for a threat.


With a very simple control layout, you can get a variety of tones ranging from boosts to serious gainy tones and that's before you have even tried the little HP/LP switch which also takes things into a new direction. And even then, the story is not over because the OCD also reacts different on the amount of voltage you feed it. Run it at 18v for more output and headroom. I’m still not 100% sure what the difference between high peak and low peak is but they both work, the HP in general gives you more gain and a more crunchy tone.


I have tried the different versions with the exception of V2 and for my rig, the V1 sounded best. I ran it usually with the gain relatively low as that got me a very punchy tone that worked great with single coils and humbuckers. Furthermore, I could boost the OCD with a TS-style pedal for lead sounds or use the OCD with the overdrive channel of my amp. One thing the OCD does well is retain articulation and dynamics. If you are the kinda player who likes to get tones from the volume control of your guitar, the OCD should work great for you.


At the moment, the OCD is sitting on a shelf as I always want to try other stuff but one day, it will be back on the board for sure.