HardWire Pedals CM-2 Tube Overdrive
HardWire Pedals CM-2 Tube Overdrive

CM-2 Tube Overdrive, Overdrive pedal from HardWire Pedals.

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ejecta 22/03/2011

HardWire Pedals CM-2 Tube Overdrive : la opinión de ejecta (content in English)

"Great tube screamer type pedal!"

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As far as a tube screamer-ish pedal the CM2 is very nice pedal. Unlike a lot of pedals in the “Tube Screamer” vein this pedal didn’t have a very pronounced mid hump, there is a mid hump but not a lot. Also has the ability to adjust bass and treble separately which is really cool. One thing I didn’t expect was it has more gain than a typical overdrive if you want it to. The Classic and Mod mode changes the voicing just a bit and it has more gain in the “modded” mode. Overall it has kinda of it’s own thing going on but definitely is a good tube screamer-ish overdrive. It didn’t color my bypassed tone, pretty much kept my core tone with more gain and a bit of a mid boost but not really any loss off bass like some I’ve tried. Seems to be well built and heavy. I also liked how you accessed the battery.


I found it to be able to get a good range of drives to hit the front of the amp with and wasn't hard to dial in at all. With the EQ options it gave it a wide range tones. Bypassed it really didn't take away from my guitar signal.


I've had quite a few "boutique" pedals and this one was just as nice as some of them. I found I tended like the lower gain mode but the higher gain mode was fun as well. It's nice to have the option.


Overall if you want a hard wired versatile tube screamer type pedal for a good price the CM2 is worth looking at.