Sib! Varidrive
Sib! Varidrive

Varidrive, Overdrive pedal from Sib!.

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moosers 02/04/2011

Sib! Varidrive : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The SIB! Varidrive is a real tube overdrive pedal that has a real 12AX7 tube at it's core. There is a new, two channel version of the Varidrive, but this review is for the original single channel model. The pedal comes in a super heavy duty casing to protect the fragile insides, and has 1/4" connections for your input and output. It can be powered using a standard power cord. This isn't rack mountable in any way...


The make up of the SIB! Varidrive is quite easy to understand. The parameters you'll find here include knobs for drive, volume, and bass, middle, and treble EQ controls. That's all there is to it here, so even those with limited experience should be able to get by as there's nothing out of the ordinary happening here at all. I haven't had a need for the manual for the Varidrive.


The tone of the SIB! Varidrive is fantastic! It's up there with some of the best sounding tube overdrive pedals that I've used, and there are quite a lot of them out there these days. It's got this super warm, analog quality that is hard to reproduce without actual tubes being at play as they are here. It's the perfect pedal for super fat rhythm or lead guitar parts, and should definitely be considered an overdrive more than anything else.


The SIB! Varidrive is a tube overdrive pedal that everyone interested in overdrive pedals should check out as it's really that good. I don't own this pedal myself and have just used it in the recording studio, so I can't really comment on price here but I can't imagine that it would be too cheap. Either way, if you want a true tube overdrive pedal with an incredible sound, Varidrive is for you!