Sib! 'Cuda
Sib! 'Cuda

'Cuda, Overdrive pedal from Sib!.

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fengen 10/06/2014

Sib! 'Cuda : la opinión de fengen (content in English)

"The ultimate drive!"

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An all tube 9V distortin pedal.
No battery support, but a univolt adapter is included.
The adapter even features a "computer cabel" socket.
It's green, and it's mean..


The easy way to start, is to connect the guitar and amp.
Set all controls at 12 o'clock, and start playing.
No manual needed. Very easy to use.


My rig at the moment is:
Suhr Custom Modern (ML single coils and an SSV+ humbucker), TC Electronic G-System (so the 'CUDA is looped), Blackstar HT Club 50 head into two Budda closed back 212 cabinets. The pre-amp is also inserted in the G-System. So it's a OK setup, sounds big and fat both clean and distorted.
The 'CUDa offers a FAT and saturated distortion without taking away the guitar sound.
I use it with the drive slightly above 12, volume slightly below 12. A nudge up on the treble and a bit back on the bass. Simply because it's FAT..
But it goes all the way from a old and trusted TS-808/TS9 to a full out head shredding distorted tone. But still with the guitar there.
The tube is a 12AX7. I will some time try different 12a?7 tubes, just to see how they alter the saturation of it.
The 'CUDA has replaced a Voodoo Lab sparkle Drive and more or less a Radial Trimode (tube distortion). It cleans up very nicely when you roll back on the volume control, and bites just that much more if you use a boos in front.


The 'CUDA is road ready. Heck it's tour ready.
Just stop on by your local dealer, and grab one to go.
I am saying this to all of you that don't play death/trash metal, since I can't sign off on your happiness with this pedal. Only because I don't play nor listen much to that kind of music.
And most of the players inside that line of music uses the AXE FX.
But if you play anything from blues via classic rock to rock. Don't be afraid. This WILL work perfectly