T-Rex Engineering Møller Overdrive
T-Rex Engineering Møller Overdrive

Møller Overdrive, Overdrive pedal from T-Rex Engineering.

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moosers 28/01/2009

T-Rex Engineering Møller Overdrive : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The T-Rex Moller Overdrive is exactly what the name states - an overdrive pedal. I has a 1/4 inch input and output and is not rackable as it is a stomp box.


The setup of the pedal is just as easy as setting up any stomp box. The configuration of the pedal is also easy to follow and it is easy to see what each of the knobs does. It is a versatile pedal as it has five knobs - one for tone, gain, mix, level, and boost. There is also a second foot switch to engage the boost. It is easy to get a variety of overdrive tones from this pedal and has a number of useful uses. The manual is pretty through but I never had a need to use it too much.


The sound quality of the Moller Overdrive is it's top quality. It is a very realistic overdrive and can be used to get a few different types of overdrive sounds - both for rhythm and lead guitar. I have only used the pedal with guitar but would like to try it out with bass guitar or keyboards as I think the tone quality would transfer to both of these instruments.


I've had the T-Rex Moller Overdrive for about six months and it has been a great addition to guitar rig. It provides a full sounding overdrive that has a lot of crunch and balls to it. I also have a Nady TD-1 Tube Overdrive pedal, and while that has real tubes in it, this is a better sounding pedal overall. It is also easier to get a good sound out of it and while the TD-1 has a few more parameters, it is complicates more than it helps. Having just the five knobs on this pedal makes it easy to get a great sounding overdrive out of it. The pedal is a bit expensive, but I have come to trust T-Rex for making both great sounding and reliable pedals. I'll continue to hold on to my Moller until something else comes along that is better!