Way Huge Electronics WHE202 Green Rhino Overdrive
Way Huge Electronics WHE202 Green Rhino Overdrive

WHE202 Green Rhino Overdrive, Overdrive pedal from Way Huge Electronics.

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tjon901 18/07/2011

Way Huge Electronics WHE202 Green Rhino Overdrive : la opinión de tjon901 (content in English)

"Update on a classic boutique pedal"

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The original Green Rhino was introduced in the early 90s as a heavily modified Tubescreamer. Now 20 years later there is an update to that pedal and the Green Rhino name is back. The Way Huge company and its founder Jeorge Tripps is back with Dunlop support making his pedals again. The pedal at its base is a tubescreamer but it has more adjustments and versatility. Volume, Tone, and Drive controls are laid out exactly like the control set on the original Green Rhino pedal. But there are two additional small potentiometers on the Mk II for expanding the boundaries of the Green Rhino’s tonal territory. The first one of these controls is for frequencies at the 100 hz range. It allows you to boost or cut the low end from the pedal giving you a more natural sound. The small curve knob controls frequencies above 1 khz.


As with most boutique pedals the chassis is very strong and sturdy. It has the classic Way Huge enclosure which is made out of 2 mm thick aluminum. It has a nice weight to it and wont move around on your board. It has a bright blue LED to tell you when it is on and rubber feet on the bottom to stabilize it. It is a true bypass pedal like you would expect. It can be powered by DC or a 9v battery.


This pedal has a naturally dark sound which I like. Some pedals can give an unnatural brightness to your tone but this one keeps it dark. The extra low end control is something you dont get with a normal tubescreamer so this helps keep the low end and this in turn helps keep the tone pretty dark. This pedal handles the low end so well you could probably play bass through it. You can dial in a subtle tone or an over the top rocking tone with this pedal. The knobs give a good range of control. This pedal works best with a medium drive setting. Because it has so much low end on tap you do not have to dial in huge amounts of gain to keep a thick tone. If you dial back the low end you can get your traditional tube screamer sound. Its pretty bright and a little thin. With the low dialed back you kind of need some amp drive to keep the tone thick. If you boost the low end this pedal sounds good by itself.


With so many tubescreamer variants out there if you are looking for one you should look for one that fits your style and and preferred sound. This pedal is best for someone who plays with medium amounts of gain and prefers a dark sound. If you dont like the lack of low end most tubescreamers provide this pedal will also suit you. If this sounds like your kind of pedal it probably is. It is not very expensive either for a boutique pedal which is also good.