Xotic Effects BB Preamp
Xotic Effects BB Preamp

BB Preamp, Overdrive pedal from Xotic Effects.

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phraseland 02/02/2009

Xotic Effects BB Preamp : la opinión de phraseland (content in English)


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The BB is not just an overdrive pedal. It is much more a booster, compressor and overdrive pedal (Tubescreamer-like) in one.


As with most pedals this one is not very difficult to set up. Just pay attention to where you put it in your FX chain and make sure to balance the levels.
You don't really need a manual because if you bought this pedal you know what to do with it.


The sounds reminds me a bit of the MXR Zack Wylde. If you are looking for bluesy, jazzy then the BB is in my opinion currently one of the best on the market. A Twin, a BB – that’s it. The BB has a lot of dynamics and doesn’t change the basic character of the guitar sound.


1A pedal – perfect construction and layout!