M-Audio Trigger Finger
M-Audio Trigger Finger

Trigger Finger, PAD Controller from M-Audio.

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moosers 10/03/2010

M-Audio Trigger Finger : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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M-Audio's Trigger Finger is a MIDI controller in the form of a drum machine set of pads. It is designed for those who want the a feel of an MPC type of drum pad, but who want to use sounds from your computer, virtual instruments, and/or modules. There are a number of MIDI controller pads out there like this one, but the Trigger Finger is the one that I have used the most. While I'm not huge into making electric drum beats, it is certainly a nice thing to have, and having a pad like this is a lot easier to use than a keyboard in my opinion. It has a good feel overall, very realistic to what a real drum machine feels like. In addition to the 16 pads it has, it also has sliders and knobs for controlling the other aspects of your sound, which of course are all programmable. I've generally found that using the Trigger Finger is an easy thing to do, as I can't recall any problems that I had with it if I did. I've used Trigger Finger primarily with Apple Logic Pro, but it can definitely be used with all sorts of different pieces of software - anything that is MIDI compatible. While the Trigger Finger is no longer available, you can definitely find them used at good prices, as this wasn't too pricey to begin with. If you really enjoy the feel of a traditional drum machine and want that sort of control and feel in the digital realm and the world of computers, this is definitely the MIDI controller that I would recommend getting, especially for those who are on a budget. There are definitely a few other MIDI controllers out there like this one that have even more control, but the M-Audio Trigger Finger gives you the most bang for your buck overall in my opinion. The Trigger Finger is definitely a product to be looking at for a drum machine style MIDI controller.