Squier Squier Pack
Squier Squier Pack

Squier Pack, Paquete Guitarra from Squier.

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Hatsubai 17/03/2011

Squier Squier Pack : la opinión de Hatsubai (content in English)

"My first guitar"

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After going to my first concert, I decided that I wanted to play guitar. My parents went out and bought me this package for Christmas. I’m a bit torn when it comes to reviewing this as there are two sides to this story. I guess I should start with the good stuff first.

The Squier Affinity package is geared towards beginner guitarists who want to start playing the electric guitar. It comes with a guitar, a gig bag, a cable and even an amplifier. Everything is fairly bare bones, especially the amplifier. For the guitarist just starting out, this is a pretty good, complete package. Add a tuner, start practicing for hours a day and you’re guaranteed to excel.

The main problem is that this guitar is really built poorly. When I got mine, they were being made in China. I’m not sure if they’re still MIC, but mine was a total piece of shit. The amplifier sounds like total garbage, and there’s absolutely no real tonal variety. The pickups are garbage, and the wood is some mystery “solid wood.” I think it’s agathis. I used this guitar for a few years before I decided I need to upgrade to something better. The bridge’s saddle height allen bolts stick out and cut your hand, the fret edges were awful, the neck joint had a huge gap and was just a poor guitar. Despite that, I practiced for hours and hours a day on this thing, not knowing any better.

For a beginner guitarist, I really think you can do much better, but you also have to look at the age of the player. When I got this, I was about 13 years old, and most people who buy these don’t want to spend a ton on an instrument their child might or might not use. It’s hard for me to recommend it, but it’s also hard for me to totally dismiss it.