Neutrik NYS-SPP
Neutrik NYS-SPP

NYS-SPP, Parche from Neutrik.

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moosers 27/03/2010

Neutrik NYS-SPP : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Neutrik NYS-SPP is a 48 point patch bay that sits in a single space rack mountable unit. It has 48 1/4" TRS points on the front panel and 48 1/4" TRS connections in the back, and that is all there is to the patch bay. It doesn't require any power or anything since it is a patch bay, and there aren't any other features or characteristics here. Once you've made your connections in the back, the front allows you to make your connections easily and quickly. While many of the different patch bays that I've used are very similar, you definitely tell that the Neutrik is in a class of it's own in terms of quality. Since most of the time I'm patching with Neutrik cables anyway, having a Neutrik patch bay makes a lot of sense. There isn't too much more that you need to know about the NYS-SPP, as it is pretty self explanatory. While you're going to pay a few more bucks for the Neutrik NYS-SPP 48 point patch bay than you will most, if you're putting together a studio where you will be making a lot of patches with your patch bay, having a 100% reliable patch bay is a must. With the Neutrik NYS-SPP you can rest assured that none of the points will break or crap out, as it is made extremely well from a very reliable source. If you have a smaller home studio where you might not be doing too much patching, it probably isn't necessary to spend the extra money on a Neutrik NYS-SPP patch bay over let's say one made by Tascam, but if you're a professional looking for the best you can get, definitely go with this one, as it is definitely a purchase you will not regret when it still works perfectly years after you got it...