Bare Knuckle Pickups The Mule

The Mule, Pastilla de Guitarra from Bare Knuckle Pickups in the Humbuckers Vintage series.

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nicocostantini 16/03/2011

Bare Knuckle Pickups The Mule : la opinión de nicocostantini (content in English)


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Handwound in the UK by Tim Mills a very friendly person and excellent pickup maker, the Mules are based around the classic Gibson PAF, Patent Applied For pickups of the 50's, just slightly overwounded with plain enamel wire and Alnico IV magnets.

These pickups were fitted in my Gibson Les Paul Classic replacing the 500T as I wanted a lower output humbucker for classic rock tones. To my surprise these pickups do that to a tee, but so much more indeed.
I am believer and after buying these Mules I have since bought the Rebel Yells as well.

Very low compression, perfectly rounded and smooth pickups, they sound like a '57 should sound nowadays. Tim Mills is a genius and it shows in his designs.

The Mule is in a class by itself even in the boutique league of pickup manufacturers. I have tried Suhr, WCR, Wolftone, Fralins. These are the best PAF type pickups I have heard.

I bought them with 550K CTS audio taper pots as well, directly ordered from BKP, and as a bonus these sound stellar coil split!

Take a chance, although expensive these babies rock, and this guitar is my number 1 guitar right now, ahead of a Les Paul Custom as well...