DiMarzio DP166 The Breed Bridge
DiMarzio DP166 The Breed Bridge

DP166 The Breed Bridge, Pastilla de Guitarra from DiMarzio belonging to the DP166 The Breed Bridge model.

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Hatsubai 24/03/2011

DiMarzio DP166 The Breed Bridge : la opinión de Hatsubai (content in English)

"Great for RGs"

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The DiMarzio Breed Bridge was designed for Steve Vai when he wanted a different sound than his original Evolution pickups for his Pogo guitar. It’s quite a bit closer to a normal PAF than the Evolution and not nearly as hot. They feature adjustable allen head bolts on both coils, four conductor wiring and an Alnico 5 magnet.

This pickup is not just a slight tweak of the Evolution; it’s a completely different model. Where as the Evolution was very bright and compressed, this is a more like a modern, fatter PAF Pro with more output but not so much that it’ll compress the crap out of your signal. It has enough grind to where it’ll cut through, but it’s fat enough to where it’ll help make a thinner guitar sound absolutely huge. This works awesome in shredder guitars such as basswood RGs. The treble is slightly pushed back, and the mids are boosted to really give it that punchy sound. The bass is just right in that it’s not too much but also not weak. The pickup can work for nearly any style ranging from blues to metal, but it’s a bit more biased towards the metal side, in my opinion. Split coil sounds are pretty good, and and running it in parallel gives it a somewhat telecaster kinda sound.

This pickup really does work in nearly every guitar out there, and it’s one of my favorite bridge pickups by DiMarzio. It doesn’t matter if the guitar is alder, mahogany, basswood, maple, ash or what. This pickup just seems to mate with whatever wood it goes in. Magnus Olsson is a big fan of this pickup, and nearly all of his recordings feature this particular pickup. If you’re looking for a good output pickup for the bridge, highly recommend checking this humbucker out.