DiMarzio DP216 Mo' Joe
DiMarzio DP216 Mo' Joe

DP216 Mo' Joe, Pastilla de Guitarra from DiMarzio belonging to the DP216 Mo' Joe model.

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tjon901 18/07/2011

DiMarzio DP216 Mo' Joe : la opinión de tjon901 (content in English)

"Satriani pickup that more people can use"

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Dimarzio is one of the most popular pickup makers out there. They have been more popular in the shred guitar industry than Seymour Duncan. Duncan seems to have the more tradtional tones locked up while Dimarzio has a fully modern lineup across the board and is used by many guitar players who play modern music. This is the newer bridge pickup that Satriani has been using. A long time ago he designed the FRED pickup for his bridge position and now it was time for an update. Many people disliked the FRED because of its strange eq'ing and harmonics but this version is more usable for more people. This pickup has a better more suitable low end than the original FRED model had. And its midrange isnt as honky. The high end has been dialed back a bit to give it a smoother tone. Overall tone is similar to that of a PAF pro one of Dimarzios most popular pickups. It seems that many of Dimarzios pickups are based on the PAF pro, like they take the PAF pro and slightly tweak it to get whatever specific tone they are looking for with the new pickup. This is not a bad approach considering the PAF pro is one of their most popular and well known models. This pickup with the dialed back high end works very well in the neck position also. With the dialed back highs and more suitable low end you can get nice smooth high gain leads with this pickup. With the old FRED model the high end was so crazy the leads could hurt. With Satrianis style you can tell why he wanted so much high end and harmonics from his pickups. The Mo' Joe pickup gets everything Satch wants but in a more usable package that more people who are not Satriani can use. Dimarzio makes pickups to make money if someones Signature pickup is completely unusable it is not much good to them. If you want a good useable pickup that can still get extreme harmonics the Mo' Joe is a good choice but there are other pickups you can look towards.