EMG 81 - Black
EMG 81 - Black

81 - Black, Pastilla de Guitarra from EMG belonging to the 81 model.

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myriam63660_en 27/03/2008

EMG 81 - Black : la opinión de myriam63660_en (content in English)


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- I had two of them in 2000 and in 2007. I didn't keep the first in 2000 because i find the sound thin and trebly. In 2007 i decided to give it a second chance in case i got a faulty one the first time: the sound was still synthétic to my ears (even on a tube amp). I also had EMG 60, 85, SA and only dislike the 81 and the 60 (those two have céramic magnet).
- as the others EMG, the 81 has great clarity, définition and gain, they are great for métal, and i think they would be perfect with Mésa tube amps (to bring more clarity and articulation to the distorsions)
- a very good pickup, but i prefer by far the 85