Fishman VT Powerbridge Pickup
Fishman VT Powerbridge Pickup

VT Powerbridge Pickup, Pastilla de Guitarra from Fishman.

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Rockmonster 03/04/2008

Fishman VT Powerbridge Pickup : la opinión de Rockmonster (content in English)


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Had this puppy installed in a Telecaster for about 3 years now. I am a bit of a Metalhead, so.. this does not always get a a lot of play.. but it is certainly a classic guitar and brought to higher levels of versatility with this modification. The Powerbridge gives a decent approximation of an acoustic... in a pinch. The piezo sound is a great option if you need to pull off Stairway To Heaven live... but it also lends itself to great chicken' pickin' tones.And sweet quasi single coil tones for Blues.. Actually.. better on the latter. Believe it or not.. I have tried other setups.. as I need the versatility. I also own a Yamaha RGX820Z.. with Seymour Duncan JB bridge and 59' in the neck.. This is also equipped with an active, battery munching piezo circuit in the tremolo system. Also very sweet.. I would say this has a bit more control over the tone shaping aspects than the Fishman, but this is also a proprietary Yamaha product.. the Fishman is a great alternative to something you can install into your Tele. ( I think they also have a trem version of this for Strats. I have also tried the Parker Fly stuff.. they are all kind of the same result. The signature piezo sound... somewhere between an acoustic and an electric single coil clean tone.

I find this to be a good value... *IF* you need this specific type of versatility from your equipment. Certainly better than an acoustic modeler pedal or even that found in the Boss GT8.. now, if you go Full Monty and get a VG88 or some other high end guitar synth, you can get more realistic, true acoustic tones. It really depends. If you hate those, love your tube amp and like the organic interplay between your Tele and your amp... Get this. If you would use everything in a Roland VG88, for instance... then the Fishman may not be the way to go.. and just pony up on the outboard gear. I would buy this again.. perhaps. I am not a huge Telecaster fan.. and would possibly opt for the Tremolo version for my Stratocasters. It is a great tool to have in your belt if you love your amp and don't want visual modifications done to your guitar.(i.e. Roland GK pickup,etc).. and still bridging acoustic and electric tones for live sets. This is probably not what you would ever consider using in the studio as an acoustic unless you were looking for a very specific piezo tone... It could happen..