GFS Crunchy Pat Bridge
GFS Crunchy Pat Bridge

Crunchy Pat Bridge, Pastilla de Guitarra from GFS.

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tjon901 30/01/2012

GFS Crunchy Pat Bridge : la opinión de tjon901 (content in English)

"Nice budget hot rodded PAF"

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GFS is a small online guitar parts store. They sell straps and bridges and stuff and also pickups. Their pickups are their most notable items. They have gained a bit of popularity among the budget guitar scene. Their most popular pickup is the GFS Crunchy PAT. I think the PAT in the name is a play on the old PAF name. These pickups are your typical hot rodded PAF but a lot better quality than what you would expect for less than 30 USD. The output on these pickups is 14k so they got a bit of punch to them. They also feature four conductor wiring so you can run them with split coils for single coil sounds if you felt like it. They have a hot rodded old school sound. They have the fat thick feel of an old PAF with enough output and hair on top to keep it from sounding muddy. These pickups are very well made for the price too. They are all properly potted and are not as noisy as you would expect from a cheap high output pickup. You can get these pickups in any look as well. You can get them with covers or you can get them uncovered. You can also pick from white bobbins to black bobbins to zebra bobbins. If you have a guitar and you know it needs some better pickups but the guitar just isnt worth shelling out 100 bucks for a Duncan or Dimarzio. These pickups are perfect for that. They are only around 25 bucks and they get you a good decent sound that is way better than what you get in most stock budget guitars. If these pickups had Seymour Duncan written on them people would gladly pay 60 or 80 dollars for them. But they dont and they only cost 22 dollars so you can easily but them in your beater or backup guitar without feeling like you just got ripped off.