Gibson Burstbucker 2 - Nickel Cover
Gibson Burstbucker 2 - Nickel Cover

Burstbucker 2 - Nickel Cover, Pastilla de Guitarra from Gibson belonging to the Burstbucker 2 model.

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mooseherman 11/05/2010

Gibson Burstbucker 2 - Nickel Cover : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)

"The classic Les Paul pickup"

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These are certainly a great pickup, for many reasons. The most obvious reason, which I'll discuss first, is the Gibson Les Paul. These are the first humbuckers that came with the Les Pauls in the late 50s, which were introduced to help with the massive amounts of noise that came with single-coil pickups, at least among rock guitarists who were trying to increase the gain on their amps without too much feedback. Technically, the first burstbuckers were earlier, but they were redesigned for improvement shortly afterward, hence this model.
These pickups are some of the more versatile pickups I've ever played. The great thing about them is that they sound awesome in many different guitars. I really like the sound that they can produce with the Les Paul (who doesn't?) but I also have a great appreciation for what they can do with a hollow-body. Before these guys came around, hollow-bodies could not handle any type of distortion, as they'd feed back tremendously. That changed with these guys, and now hollow-bodied guitars are used in rock music all the time (everyone from Robert Fripp to Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age).
I've even seen them used in Telecasters and Stratocasters to great effect (though I prefer them in the Teles). I think that it's interesting that guitars so often identified with single-coils can still sound great with humbuckers in them. That's testament to how solid these pickups are. If you are looking to replace your pickups and are sure you want humbuckers, make sure you check these out.