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snogwire 20/03/2009

Ibanez Super 70 : la opinión de snogwire (content in English)

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I was searching info for an Ibanez AX7221 when I stumbled on fanzine, one thing lead to another, and I landed on the Super 70 pickup page! I bought an Ibanez Les Paul clone in 1980. Impulsively, I gutted and refitted it with Seymour Duncan humbuckers, which were hotter, and that's about all I say about that. Fast forward - More or less recently, maybe 3 years ago, I was sorting hardware and found my two original Super 70 pickups, a bit tarnished, but otherwise intact. I built a guitar around them, real stripped down, using only a pair of volume pots, no tone components. I am knocked out by the sound of these pickups! Never mind that they've lasted nearly 30 years with no discernable loss in signal strength (as compared to another humbucker that I 'scoped A/B with the 70's) The variety of sounds they'll render with a simple passive mix/volume circuit makes this down and dirty no-name guitar a real versatile axe, especially for performing in venues that are stage-size challenged and bringing more than one or two guitars is pushing it. I can use this axe, get better than just passable Gibson and Fender sounds, and not worry about the guy wobbling his way to the john, grabbing for any convenient hand-hold... but I digress. The instrument these pickups came out of is living with a friend of mine for the last 20 years, but it looks like I kept the best parts. Anyone who comes across these should grab them, if they aren't prohibitively expensive, find a cheap Squier Strat to gut (or whatever inexpensive, reasonably sturdy clone you prefer), do the transplant. I think you'll be amazed at the outcome. Or, if you've got 'em and want to unload them, feel free to contact me!