Seymour Duncan TB-12 George Lynch Screamin' Demon
Seymour Duncan TB-12 George Lynch Screamin' Demon

TB-12 George Lynch Screamin' Demon, Pastilla de Guitarra from Seymour Duncan belonging to the SH-12 / TB-12 George Lynch Screamin' Demon model.

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glassjaw7 22/03/2011

Seymour Duncan TB-12 George Lynch Screamin' Demon : la opinión de glassjaw7 (content in English)

"Good sounding pickup, but misleading name"

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George Lynch designed the Screamin Demon with Seymour Duncan when he realized that you don't need a super high output pickup in your guitar to get singing, high gain tones. He preferred that the amp do more of the work.

The Demon is a P.A.F. type of pickup with a little added growl in the mids. I was quite young and inexperienced when I bought this pickup. I should've done my homework first. At the time I was looking for a super high output pup, and had heard some pretty heavy Lynch tones so naturally after hearing a name like "Screamin Demon" I though this pup would rip! Haha...not so much.

The tone from this pickup is very touch sensitive and there are some very nice harmonics and overtones to be had, but you have to work for them. I first tried this pup in an Alder bodied Washburn Dimebag darrell signature guitar. It was not a good fit at all. The Alder didn't compliment the pickup well, and there was a very disconnected feeling that I got. Less than inspiring to say the least. I then tried it in my Les Paul and it was much better. I kept it there for awhile, but ultimately gave it to my buddy, who installed it in a mahogany super-strat and it sounds great with his Mark IV rig, go figure.
This is really for the player who likes subtle textures and ringing chords. I've grown up and changed a lot as a player, and I think I would like this pup now if it was tweaked to have a bit more output.

Classic rock guitarists will love this pup, as well as old school lead players and blues and fusion guys. But shredders who like the guitar to sing effortlessly and play itself, look elsewhere as you'll struggle to make this Demon scream.