DigiTech Control Seven
DigiTech Control Seven

Control Seven, Pedal/Pedalera MIDI from DigiTech in the Control series.

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stompboxjon 12/04/2012

DigiTech Control Seven : la opinión de stompboxjon (content in English)

"well built"

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The DigiTech Control Seven or (Seven Control) is a pretty simple midi pedal. Not too much going on with it that really sticks out to me. A good though about it is that its pretty portal, nice and small and sleek. You can get this online for right around 50 dollars used.

It has 7 switches that can basically be used in any midi program. I have used this with Kontakts guitar rig 4 and I LOVE IT. It worked great with it and gave me exactly what I was looking for. It has 5 program switches and can bu used as a stomp box!

It has metal chassis and is very compact, this midi pedal will last you a pretty long time. Its very cheap and works great. I actually recommend this one to a lot of people who are looking for a cheap midi foot pedal. This pedal is one of the ones I can say can go head to head with the Behringer pedal (speaking on price and quality) The manual is also extremely easy to understand and use and if you don’t have the manual it can be downloaded on line in PDF format right away.

Overall, you really couldn’t ask much more out of a midi “stomp box”. the DigiTech Seven Control will provide you will a high quality midi pedal that you will love no matter what program you are using it with. It will work as a generic controller or maybe your program has a preset for it (but probably not so don’t count on it) Most programs have presets built in for midi devices but unless it’s a device that has some kind of connection with the software through money or promotion then there wont be an automatic preset. So you will have to create your own or just use it generically which is fine by me. You will love this midi pedal!