Rocktron Midimate V2
Rocktron Midimate V2

Midimate V2, Pedal/Pedalera MIDI from Rocktron.

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stevo64 18/05/2014

Rocktron Midimate V2 : la opinión de stevo64 (content in English)

"Great Unit but Quality Control an Issue"

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I just bought a Rocktron Midi Mate, had it shipped from the USA, plugged it into my Triaxis using a Rocktron 7-pin Midi cable and supplied phantom power (9VAC) using a Pedal Power AC into the Triaxis. Turned it on and everything just worked!
Awesome unit that is perfect for my needs. BUT part of the LED display doesn't work properly (out of the box) which definitely took away the buzz of buying a new unit. Now I need to shell out $60 to mail the unit back for a replacement, or put up with a faulty display. There was nothing wrong with the packaging (padded boxes inside padded boxes) so I can only suspect the unit probably wasn't properly factory tested on the production line in China.
First Rocktron product I have ever bought. What's the quality generally like? I searched the net and couldn't find much in the way of problems.