Banzai A/B Box
Banzai A/B Box

A/B Box, Pedalera/Controlador from Banzai.

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mooseherman 01/02/2011

Banzai A/B Box : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)

"Great A/B Box!"

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This is a pretty cool pedal. It's an A/B box, which can work in a variety of different functions. It's small, which saves space on a pedal board or other such device, and it also can be powered with either a 9v battery or a power supply, which is unfortunately usually sold separately. It's true bypass, so that means that not only will it not generate any noise of its own, but it will negate any noise used by pedals if you disengage them from the pedal.
The most obvious function for guitar players, or even multi-instrumentalists, would be to use it to connect two guitars (or other electric instruments) to the same amplifier. There is also a possibility of connecting the guitar to two different amplifiers, which will give you an absurd amount of tonal variety at your fingertips. This can provide you with twice the tonal options as one amp.
There is also a possibility of connecting this pedal to two channels of the same amplifier, assuming that these channels have different inputs (like a Fender Twin with the vibrato channel and the normal channel, or perhaps a Roland Jazz Chorus with its two channels). This can be useful in these situations where an amp does not come with a footswitch or a footswitch won't work. Another option is simply to switch between different settings, usually for a tuner or other pedals that won't work in unison with each other.
Overall this is a good A/B box, not as functional as some other ones that I've used but preferable in some situations. I'd recommend it for the price, which is usually pretty good.