Whirlwind A/B BOX
Whirlwind A/B BOX

A/B BOX, Pedalera/Controlador from Whirlwind.

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Eroachguitar 04/10/2012

Whirlwind A/B BOX : la opinión de Eroachguitar (content in English)

"Simple, professional A/B Box"

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Whirlwind has manufactured switching, powering, and signal-passing solutions for musicians for 35 years.

Among the most basic, yet most effective of their products is the Selector A/B signal switching box. The Selector uses a patented circuitry that operates via 9v battery or optional adapter, and allows totally silent, multiple direction switching. The Selector is built into a sturdy Hammond enclosure, and utilizes two Carling barrel footswitches to switch between output A, Output B, or Both at once. LEDs indicate which pathway is active. This allows you to use your guitar with one or two amps, or two simultaneously. I encountered no signal degradation when using the A/B Selector with reasonable length cables. I was able to successfully route my guitar to two amps, switch between them with no noise, and use them both with no signal delay.

Conversely, you can also use the Selector as a 2-to-1 switch, use two inputs into one output. As an example, I can route two guitars to one amplifier.

The interior circuit is all analog, using Vactrol opto-isolators to keep the signal paths separate when necessary. The unit is easy to repair when something goes wrong, and Whirlwind has outstanding customer service. That being said, with reasonable cleaning and care, the Selector should last you for quite a few years.

My only complaint is that the LED indicators are both Red, and I typically modify my Selector with a Yellow or Green LED So I can tell at a glance which signal path is active. this is fairly easy, since the LED's are mounted to the Whirlwind's enclosure and soldered to the board with flying leads.

I'm not particularly a fan of the 1/8 phono plug style 9v jack either (this is also used on such pedals as the Ibanez TS-808), and I personally prefer the 5mm x 2.5mm barrel jacks typically used on stomp boxes.

The Selector has in recent years been joined by some rather high-end switching solutions, such as Lehle's P-split and ToneBone's headswitcher, but the Whirlwind Selector remains a simple, cost-effective solution to your multi input-output needs. In my opinion, the Whirlwind A/B Selector should be a standard part of every guitarist's accessory collection.