Boss BCB-30 Pedal Board
Boss BCB-30 Pedal Board

BCB-30 Pedal Board, Pedalera / Estuche para Pedal from Boss in the BCB series.

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moosers 28/12/2010

Boss BCB-30 Pedal Board : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Boss BCB-30 Pedal Board is a mini platform for holding your guitar pedals. It can only hold three compact Boss sized pedals, of course being designed specifically for pedals made by Boss but can be fit any brand pedals of this size. It's more than just the pedal as it also comes with a daisy chain for three pedals for powering them as well as two mini 1/4" cables for connecting the pedals together. The case looks like a mini suitcase when boxed up but opens up into a small pedal board. I don't own a BCB-30 Pedal Board at home, but a friend of mine has it and I've played with his rig quite a bit. However, to be honest I'm not really sure that something like this is necessary or really the best way to go. While it's somewhat a sturdy case and it's nice that you can easily pack up your pedals for gigs, it only holds three pedals! Either you have to have a small rig or are down with swapping pedals out here and there. Being that it only holds three pedals, to me it's not really worth it since it's easy enough to carry around and set up three pedals anyway. I think that pedal boards are most useful when you've got a larger rig to set up. It is nice that this comes with a daisy chain and small 1/4" cables, but alone those wouldn't cost very much at all. I guess I can't complain too much since it's not that much money, but I can't imagine that too many people would want to be limited by only having three pedals. There are cheaper pedal boards out there beyond those made by Boss, as the BCB-60 holds more pedals but it's pretty expensive. In my opinion, if you are looking for a small pedal board, you're probably either better off making your own or waiting to get one when you might have more pedals...