Pedaltrain Pedaltrain 2 w/ Soft Case
Pedaltrain Pedaltrain 2 w/ Soft Case

Pedaltrain 2 w/ Soft Case, Pedalera / Estuche para Pedal from Pedaltrain.

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polishdog90 26/08/2011

Pedaltrain Pedaltrain 2 w/ Soft Case : la opinión de polishdog90 (content in English)

"Solid Pedalboard"

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The specs:
Durable aluminum alloy pedalboard
Open, elevated, angled frame design
Easily holds a wah and a dozen standard-sized stompboxes
Can connect cables neatly and securely over, under, and through surface slots
Easy to add, remove, rearrange, or bypass pedals
Comes with industrial-grade, adhesive-backed, hook and loop material
Lasting powdercoat finish
Frame: 24" x 12.5" x 2" - 4lbs

My setup:
My setup for this pedal board is GuitarBuddha WahFulltone OCD DistortionMXR Carbon Copy DelayTech 21 Boost RVB all powered by a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus. The build of this pedal board is really solid. It's just a tough piece of metal. The set up is really nice as well. The voodoo lab is mounted underneath so that all of the power wires stay underneath and out of the way. Since there are gaps in between the rows of pedals you can store all of your instrument cables underneath as well. This leaves a really clean, nice looking pedal board. The board also came with velcro so you can stick your pedals on to the metal. This was easy to set up. The velcro I got gets pulled off of the pedalboard occasionally but it has worked pretty well so far. I think this is a fantastic pedal board but it is pretty expensive. I don't use effects nearly as much as I used to so this ends up sitting in my room unused. If I were to go back and invest in a pedalboard, I would just make my own out of an old empty suitcase. This pedal board is high quality and could be used for gigging every night but not quite worth it for me.