Behringer Phaser PH-9
Behringer Phaser PH-9

Phaser PH-9 , Phaser para Guitarra from Behringer.

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moosers 21/12/2010

Behringer Phaser PH-9 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Behringer PH-9 is a simple phaser pedal that’s designed for electric guitar. I’ve only tried out this pedal and haven’t done any recording with it. If you’re familiar with phaser pedals in general, you’ll notice that it’s very clearly modeled after the classic MXR Phase 90 phaser pedal. In fact, being that Behringer reverse engineers their products, I’m fairly certain that this is a direct copy (using cheaper parts of course). The pedal has ¼” jacks for input and output and can be powered by either a nine volt power supply or battery. It’s not rack mountable in any way…


Using the Behringer PH-9 couldn’t be simpler. Just like the MXR Phase 90, it’s got a large knob for setting the rate and that’s pretty much all there is to it. This also has a ‘swirl’ switch which isn’t something that the original MXR Phase 90 has. It’s so easy to use that you definitely won’t need a manual here.


While the Behringer PH-9 will give the effect that it says you will, it’s not one of too high a quality. I’ve only tried the pedal out for a little while, but it was enough to know what kind of sound I could get from it. MXR’s version of the pedal works a lot more effectively than this, as even though there isn’t much control on it you still can get a great. That’s not totally the case with this one as I think it’s really hurt by not having more parameters. I understand it’s modeled after the Phase 90, but unless it’s going to have the same milky sound, you really need some more control. This will do any okay job if you’re just getting started with effects, but even so it’s worth it to upgrade in my opinion…


The Behringer PH-9 will be cheap enough where it will get some looks, but in my opinion it’s not cheap enough where it’s worth passing on other pedals that are just a little bit more expensive. I understand that young players will want to save some dough, and perhaps this is the place to do it, but for just a small amount more you can have the real thing in an MXR Phase 90 or otherwise. If you really can’t swing it, the PH-9 will be okay for now, but I think you’ll find in sometime that you’ll want to upgrade if you’re using phasing a lot…