Diamond Pedals Phase

Phase, Phaser para Guitarra from Diamond Pedals.

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moosers 17/01/2010

Diamond Pedals Phase : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Diamond Pedals P H A S E pedal is a versatile phase shifter designed for use with electric guitar, but suitable for use with any electronic instrument of your choosing.<span> </span>The pedal has ¼ inch connections for both input and output, and also has an output for an expression pedal.<span> </span>


<p class="MsoNormal">The make up of the Diamond Pedals P H A S E pedal is quite easy to follow as there isn’t anything too out of ordinary here.<span> </span>You’ve got the parameters of volume, regen, depth, and speed to work with, along with a few switches for different modes.<span> </span>Even if you don’t have much experience with phaser pedals, I think that you’ll be able figure out how to use everything pretty easily.<span> </span>After a few minutes of using it, I was able to understand what all of the parameters did, so I don’t believe that a manual is needed.


<p class="MsoNormal">Out of all the phase shifting pedals that I have used, the Diamond Pedals P H A S E is probably the most unique.<span> </span>While you can definitely get traditional sounding phase effects, and a clean tone to go along with it, it also has some tones that I’ve been unable to achieve with other phase pedals.<span> </span>I’ve used the pedal only for recoding, with a Fender Jazzmaster and a ’76 Fender Twin Reverb, so I’m getting a pretty good read on what this pedal truly sounds like.<span> </span>The tone quality of this pedal is as good as any phase pedal out there, but does have it’s own unique tone that is hard to relate to any other pedal.

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The Diamond Pedals P H A S E pedal is built extremely well, as I believe that it is a hand wired pedal, or is at least of that sort of quality.<span> </span>Of course, along with this comes a decent price, but it is definitely worth it if you’re looking for a top notch phaser pedal with its own unique sound.<span> </span>Diamond Pedals is known for making great pedals, and the P H A S E definitely falls in line here…